This is a dress made by another original and talented designer and fabriclover Olga B. It is made of our Italian woolen brocade in rich brown  and green fig leaf with slight satin finish. 

The dress is based on Olga's own design and that makes it absolutely unique. 

The fabric is very flattering in the upper body. As Olga suggests it would look good on someone with a larger bust and gives fullness to someone with a smaller bra size. If you have a complex pattern, the fabric blends together nicely and looks continuous across seam lines. 

To see more Olga's designs, visit her shop Sofia Fiodor on Etsy 

If you got inspired by this classic and elegant dress, shop at www.elliottbermantextiles.com for the same fabric available in rich navy blue/black colors as well. 



11/23/2013 9:08am

Ooh! This is lovely and perfect timing - I've been searching for wool brocade. I also stumbled across Olga on Etsy yesterday and was ogling her stuff. Glad to know where she finds her fabric!


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