Episode 1

I like to call this cape "Winter is Coming" as I was watching through (or listening, on the tricky bits of the cape) all the episodes of "Game of Thrones" and love the North, the cold and the fur all the characters wear. Being a proud, cold-loving Canadian gal,  I can tell all of you as well that winter really is coming! I wore this out this past Friday at 0°C (32°F), and it was quite warm, so I am confident that it is going to handle the lower temperatures. 

The cape is actually a Vogue 8776 pattern, view C, which is the longest of the three capes. While it is an "Easy Vogue", I rarely do any of the Easy Vogues in an "easy" way! I used a lovely wool/cotton boucle I bought from Elliott Berman Textiles Yard End sale for it. I interfaced all the fabric to give it more body, using sew in interfacing and many small stitches. Once that was done I took a wool that I used from a previous knitting project and ran it through the warp and the weft on a wool needle to give the fabric a more three dimensional and rustic feel (you can see that in the close up of the neck)
Episode 3

The trim and the neck exterior are recycled deer hide, three large pieces that used to line a coat, bought from an Etsy vendor (FabulousFabricFinds) . The neck is so warm and cozy, a real delight to wear as you can tell from the closeups.
Episode 5
For closures I sent away to a lady online on Etsy (thewoodsmanswife) who makes toggle buttons and jewelry from antlers shed by deer. They are attached on leather thong, attached inside in between the lining and outer boucle layer. I used grommets on the boucle layers for a more professional finish.

Episode 2

For lining there is a standard brown kashka lining (satiny on one side and fuzz on the other)

Episode 4

I ran the trim all the way down the front, the hem, around the armholes and the pockets. All the fur was hand attached using fur needles, pliers and was reinforced from the inside so the stitches won't tear through. 

I have been wanting a cape since the trend started in the last 2-3 years, but I was never able to find one I liked. Now I have it!

Happy winter everyone!

(Sewn and written by Jennifer Byers)

PS. For any questions you might have for Jennifer Byers, please ,email to ds@elliottbermantextiles.com



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I love it, love it, love it!


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