We are thrilled to present another sewing project by Jennifer Byers. And this time her project has made us think of colors and classic styles. How many of you have thought of adding bright colors to your wardrobe but fear of wearing same colors makes us step backward and adore brightness and vivid looks from aside? 

As Jennifer says in defense of us, lovers of dark tones and shades, she finds there is a beauty in the subtle colors that appeals to her, they don't hit one over the head and end the "visual conversation" but instead invite one to look more.  The colorful stuff she has got so far, to her, worked because they were classics. And this is where Jennifer's sewing project comes to prove this point of view with our wonderful Missoni Wool Knit. And "Agreed!" we say. 

As you all know Missoni fabrics are famous for its zig-zag design and certainly unprecedented quality. So having one in your stash would sooner or later result in some finished garment. Jennifer decided to make a dress, which we find 'sew' Italian-looking.
We think Jennifer looks just fantastic in this outfit, as we know before reaching these results there were cutting, stitching, snipping, pattern laying and precise calculation. 

Here the pattern pieces are laid out, correctly aligning the stripes. There is the other half of the back and a second sleeve to align and cut after this. Everything must line up or it will look peculiar! And after that you have to snip, snip and again snip!

What comes next is overcasting the edges with a simple zigzag stitch. 

You will deal with fibre and dust coming out of this fabric that will stick to the machine foot!  

So be patient!

When the back of the dress stitched up, it will certainly need to be laid out to iron. 
Here you see the back seam close up, post pressing.

On the left you can see long view of the inside back. You can see the center seam and the dart that runs from the bottom up to just above the waist.

Below this is the outside front of the dress, the neckline, all pleated and pinned. Next I will run stitches inside the seam line to set them in.

The next step is to set in the pleats and put in shoulder stays.

As far as the sash is concerned, inside it is all stitched, trimmed and pressed. Next you will flip it right side out, trim and attach it to the side of the dress (the same for its mate as well). Then tuck in the ends and slip stitch them shut. Outside the sash must be pressed.

When all stitches and seams are finished, the dress  must be pressed. It is almost all done except for the neckline facing, the hem and shoulder pads. You can see the sash to the right side of the picture, almost lost in the riot of stripes!

First fitting, no sleeves. Looking good!

Overcast sleeve with elbow dart ready to be pressed. 

The sleeve is complete with the under seam sewn in and being pressed open.  

Here the dress is inside out, the sleeve that is about to be attached is lined up with the arm scythe and ready for insertion. Once the sleeve is pinned, it is ready to be stitched.

Second fitting with the sleeve stitched. Neck pleats still have to be stabilized the  as well, as you can see.

Back view of newly set in sleeve. The stripes line up! Yeah!
The shoulder pad is positioned and pinned in properly. Jennifer actually sew shoulder pads from the outside in order not to disturb their placement and let them stay bent in the correct direction, stitched along the arm scythe and the shoulder seam. Jennifer recommends to go inside after and stitch down the neck facings to the pads and make any additional necessary stitches.

To make the dress prettier and probably give it more individuality, Jennifer decided to hand-stitch a crocheted lace strip to the inside of the hem. The same crocheted strip of lace has been applied to the inside cuff. And her you can see the inside view of the finished hem.
Swipe off drops of sweat, as of now the dress is completely finished and it is time for a cat walk!
Jennifer looks simply fantastic in this Missoni dress and she is living La Dolce Vita!


01/25/2014 9:49pm

Beautiful! I love Jennifer's designs!


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