Exploring the world of fashion and textiles cannot be more interesting if one has a chance to visit fabric stores, textile mills, fashion runways and special exhibits. And this time Elliott Berman Textiles could lose an opportunity to see an exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum "The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk"
One of several features that made the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum extremely engaging and worthwhile, was its multi-media presentation. Throughout the exhibition, numerous mannequins came alive with interactive faces due to the placement of overhead projectors. The combination of audio/visuals amped the viewer’s level of engagement to its maximum potential. This mannequin is from the opening segment of the exhibit titled, The Odysessy of Jean Paul Gaultier, which displayed many of Gaultier’s trademark themes in the beginning of his career: religious iconography, sailors and mermaids.

The following items were also displayed in, The Boudoir, section of the exhibit: The left piece, a custom metal and beaded jumpsuit worn by Beyonce while she was on tour in 2009; The right one of the many cone bra’s Gaultier designed for Madonna on her 1990’s Blonde Ambition World Tour. Another stage of the exhibition, titled, The Boudoir, touched on his fascination with the transformation of lingerie. Gaultier is most famous for the infamous cone bra designed for Madonna on her Blond Ambition World Tour. The glass case in this section of the exhibit displays his childhood teddy bear, on which he used as a model for creating his first ever cone bra out of newspapers when he was a boy.    
One of the many points made throughout the exhibit about Gaultier is his belief that fashion has the freedom to not be gender specific.    

Punk Cancan, was a section of the exhibit dedicated to showcasing the designs of Gaultier that displayed his love and appreciation of the London Punk aesthetic. 
In one of the final portions of the exhibit is a giant room, containing looks in which Gaultier pulled inspiration from cultures and artists  all over the world. Each garment shows off his capabilities to be diverse as well as his outstanding technique and haute couture craftsmanship.    
If you feel like jumping into the world of Jean-Paul Gaultier with all his creativity, artist's madness, illusion and love for fashion, leave all your projects going on and rush to the Brooklyn Museum as the exhibit will last till February 23, 2014 only.


Jennifer Byers
01/13/2014 6:25pm

I saw this show in Montreal about a year ago and it was fantastic! I spent about 5 hours in the museum examining all the clothes and just marveling at the amount of labour that went into them! At one point I was looking so closely at a dress that a security guard started to descend on me so I had to back off LOL! Definitely worth the price of admission and then some!


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